What is the difference between Poetry and Songs?

After just listening to the song Love Rain by Jill Scott who is both an established poet and singer-songwriter. I have started to wonder, what exactly separates a poem from a song. For instance, in this song most of the words are spoken rather than sung. Does that make the song just a poem with music? However, another would say that because of the structure of songs -e.g. verses and a repeated chorus- it cannot be called a poem, but doesn’t some poetry have aspects of repetition. Therefore, I believe that a song can be classed as poetry with music and a captivating rhythm since poetry doesn’t have any restrictions or bounds. However, a song is a poem which makes people billionaires. Simple.

The first post- of no relevance

Well this is my first post, so I’m quite excited. Decided to make a blog to improve my background knowledge on current events while still posting opinions on my love for music, films and literature. Well let’s hope I’m consistent when it comes to posts and when I look back on this in a few years, maybe I’ll be a genius who can articulate my opinions in an enticing and engaging way :D. here goes.